Reagan Estates

The developers Alexander Stringfellow, Anthony Cunneen and Cameron Cunneen are Nancy Perry’s, (Navasota Realty Broker) sons. They have taken great pride in developing a subdivision that they are proud of and would be proud to live in. They all grew up in Grimes County and graduated Navasota High. With extended family vested in Real Estate in the area we expect this will be one of many ventures.

Alex opened ABA Pools shortly shortly after graduation. His Co. grew rapidly, keeping him in the Houston area. He now lives in Magnolia with his beautiful family. They visit Grimes County often, and would live here if not for the business.

Anthony went to the Navel Academy and now works for Exxon. Between the Navy and Exxon, Anthony has traveled much of the world. He and his wife recently built a new home in Conroe, They will be moving to Japan for a couple years along with their three babies. Good reason for Granny to visit Japan.

Cameron is a Texas A&M 2005 Grad he started Triple CCC Construction while at A&M. His construction company requires him to travel throughout the US. He and his wife built a wonderful Barndominiumn home near Anderson, where they live with their two year old son.

Reagan Estates has light restrictions to protect the value.

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Reagan Estates Soil,Flood,Topo of Lot

Lot 1A


6.75 Lot A acres fronting FM 2988.

Lot 1B


6.75 Lot B acres fronting FM 2988

13.5 Ac

Lot 2A


5.00 acres + house

Lot 2B & 3A

13 acres  

 Lot 3 B
5 acres with pond fronting

Reagans Way. 
$135,000 each

Lot 4

14 acres features a 2.5 acres lake. 

Lot 5

10.010 acres with two silos.

Lot 6

10.010 acres facing east with rolling
green pastures and beautiful views.

Lot 7
10.010 acres has great views
and rolling terrain.

Lot 8
10.010 acres has a high building site
facing a Lg pecan tree.

Lot 9

10.010 acres of high rolling green pastures.

Lot 10
20.353 acres features a nice wooded creek area
and rolling green pastures.

Lot 11

26 acres with a beautiful 3 acre lake, 20% wooded
area with winding creeks & wildlife habitat.

Lot 12


24 acres with the highest elevation in Reagan
Estates & creek and 50% wooded wildlife habitat.


Lot 13
21 acres 60% wooded with a creek
and lots
of opportunity for wildlife.


Lot 14
10.010 acres facing north with rolling pastures
with great long distance views.

Lot 15
10.010 acres faces north rectangle in
shape beautiful building site.

Lot 16
10.010 acres lays in the curve with tons of
frontage on Reagans Way. Multiple great building sites.

Lot 17


10.705 acres faces west, approx. 400 feet
wide and 1200 feet deep being.

Lot 18


10.010 acres approx. 550 feet
wide and 850 feet deep.


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Lot 19
Being split into a 5 acre & 8 acre tract.
5 AC for $135,000
8 AC for $209,000